Mooning Healthcare

An interesting post at OhMD discusses: Patient Portal is Dead

A New Study: Healthcare's Digital Divide Ushers in a New Year of Patient Distrust, Black Book Consumer Survey

Showing that “96% of patients report leaving their doctor’s office with limited knowledge of how to use the patient portal. Of the 40% of patients who said they had attempted to use the patient portal in 2016, 83% said it was too complicated to use.” That means only 7% of patients find it simple enough to use, and actually care to use it.

As the folks at OhMD quip, “As a point of reference, 7% of the American population also believes the moon landing was faked, if that helps give you some perspective.

Why? Consumer technology (the apps we all use in our daily lives) typically solve a problem in a very simple way.

As I’ve said before – healthcare app-ens.

Peter J. Pitts 

Chief Regulatory Officer

Adherent Health, LLC

Chairman, MHL Standards & Practices Committee