"Wiggle" my Aunt Fanny

OPDP reminds us that it's not the platform -- it's the content. (Or in this case, the lack thereof.) 

According to an article in Medical Marketing & Media,

The latest proof that the FDA is not giving social media outreach wiggle room, even though communications guidelines are not due out until this summer, is an untitled letter to Institute Biochimique and US partner Akrimax Pharmaceuticals over a Facebook page for its hypothyroidism drug Tirosint.

Not so fast MM&M.

It seems that, per OPDP, the Facebook page failed to “communicate risk information” and omitted material facts.

There should never be “wiggle room” for that. Not ever – especially for a drug with a boxed warning.

“Wiggle Room?” Hardly.

How about “proper oversight?”


Well done, OPDP.