The Medium is the Medicine

When it comes to medication adherence, is knowledge power? Or is that even the right question. Perhaps patients, and healthcare professionals (and payers and regulators) also need to learn how to share knowledge. When it comes to medication adherence in the 21st century, the medium is the medicine.

Are package inserts, hard copy med guides, brochures and “starter packages” still the best way to make important healthcare information “sticky?” Were they ever? Will the tried-and-true ways enhance safe use or drive positive therapeutic outcomes? Or do today’s patients (also known as consumers) want their healthcare intelligence the same way they’re getting enlightenment and orientation on all the other things they want and need to know about the daily details of their lives? In short, on tablets and smart phones.

Is there an app for that?  


Peter J. Pitts, Ph.D.

Chief Regulatory Officer